RV Ratings Guide
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The RV Ratings Guide assists you in your search for the right RV. Models are rated by highway control, reliability, and value. :
  • Manufacturer
  • Brand
  • Year
  • Model
  • Length
  • Use Classification
  • Manufacturer History
  • Staff Review / Consumer Comments
  • Construction Comments on Brands by JD Gallant
  • Price Guide
  • Ratings Summary
Our RV ratings are calculated based on several factors:
  • We analyze owner satisfaction surveys and compare them with our data to determine which brands may have, or could develop, serious problems or deterioration. All of this information is inputted, analyzed, and calculated. The results are reflected in the numerical ratings shown as Reliability;

  • The highway control ratings (Motorhomes only) are computer-generated from data received from manufacturers; and,

  • The value ratings are depreciation averages computed from our special database and appraisal books commonly used in the RV industry.
In addition, we visit factories to look at the quality of workmanship and materials used; we visit major RV shows to evaluate the finished product; and we appraise used RVs to determine patterns of deficiencies within a brand. Please be sure to read a more detailed explanation of our Ratings The RV Ratings Guide also includes The Language of RVing—A Glossary of Terms; an introduction to either motor homes or travel trailers/fifth wheels; and an RV Inspection Checklist (this checklist is printable as a pdf format document).



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